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Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Marvels Of Margate

The wonders of Margate are more than one could have imagined - Rodin's The Kiss greets visitors to the Turner Contemporary gallery, beautifully designed by David Chipperfield. Now on is Nothing in the World but Youth: a multi-media exhibition including Margate native JMW Turner plus Corinne Day, Phil Collins's brilliant film of Morrissey fans' karaoke and Elizabeth Peyton's portraits of teen icons.

Tracey Emin has been pouring energies into resurrecting the seaside town. Visit the Walpole Bay Hotel, presided over by the lovely Jane, where Emin staged many a great party - the basement boasts a sprung ballroom floor, and the Thirties hotel's stock of linen features in quite a few of her artworks. Listen to Emin and ICA director Gregor Muir talk about the town on this week's Today programme on Radio 4. Margate will marvel.

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