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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Did a Surprise Revelation Change the Winner of 'America's Next Top Model'?

There was a surprise waiting toward the end of this season finale of 'America's Next Top Model' (Wed., 9PM ET on The CW). Going into the finale, it was a three-way competition between Lisa D'Amato, Allison Harvard and Angelea Preston.
Watch the video here...

!!SPOILER ALERT!!After watching their final shoots, Tyra Banks made her announcement. "It turns out that after shooting was wrapped, our production team and the network learned information from Angelea that disqualifies her from the competition," she said.As such, they decided to re-evaluate Lisa and Allison without the added influence of Angelea's work in the mix. Did this change the winner? We don't know. Why was Angelea eliminated? Banks didn't say, but Zap2It is reporting that speculation has Angelea posting spoilers on her Facebook page, even going so far as to say that she won.Hopefully, there will be some clarity brought to this story in the days to come, but for this cycle of 'ANTM,' it only meant that there was a final two. Banks revealed the winner by showing a motion editorial featuring both models. The final shot in the video was the winner, and it closed on Lisa.

Source - AOL News

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Bria Murphyis is 21 and looks very much like a model. She is officially the  new brand ambassador for the Dark and Lovely beauty brand for women of color.

That’s right. Eddie Murphy’s daughter is the new face of Dark & Lovely. As opposed to leeching off her famous dad, she wants to make some waves for herself. I guess if it takes Dark & Lovely for people to ask “who is that?” then she’s on the right path.  Good for her.And this campaign is going global.

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